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Together for Ukraine Together for Ukraine
Pomoc Ukrainie

Together for Ukraine

25 lipca, 2022
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Since February 24, our business, social and personal life has changed dramatically. In the face of such a tragedy as Russia’s aggression against the free, independent Ukrainian nation, we could only do one thing – to start acting and helping our Brothers and Sisters from Ukraine. From the first day of the war, we have been taking specific measures to counteract the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine.

In the first place, the activities of the Foundation in cooperation with the associates and friends of the Foundation and its partners were focused on building a database of flats, rooms and houses. The project was joined by the Nieruchomoś website (one of the largest real estate portals in Poland) and real estate agents participating in the „Brokers for Ukraine” campaign, where families fleeing from the war that continues to this day. Volunteers associated with the NNO got involved in the transport of Ukrainian citizens from border crossings assisting to travel deeper into area of our country. Almost 1,000 people were sent to safe places within 4 weeks. Some of the flats are provided free of charge, some of the costs are covered by the Foundation’s main partner, the ANG Group, and some by the Foundation itself.

Since the outbreak of the war, we have also been collecting money for the purchase of drugs, specialized dressings for war wounds, medical first aid, food, protective clothing, electronic equipment, blankets, sleeping bags and to finance their transport to Ukraine, where there are fights and where civilians are still cut off completely from the rest of the world. So far, we have completed 15 transports to the vicinity of Kiev, Charkow and more are in preparation. It is very important that our help is a significant emergence of a need from Ukraine.

During this period, the Foundation’s support was provided by several hundred private individuals, non profit organizations, corporate foundations and companies, such as: Aegon, Benefit Systems, Biuro Informacji Kredytowej, BNP Paribas Bank Polska, Confindustria Polonia, Fundacja ING Dzieciom wraz z ING Bank Śląski, Fundacja BNP Paribas, Fundacja Santander Bank Polska, Fundacja PKN Orlen, Ikano Bank, KRUK SA, Polish Lewisham Center w Londynie, Ultimo S.A. 

So far, the value of our joint support amounts to over one million zloty.

As a result of collected funds from our Donors, we bought two ambulances, which are currently used by volunteers – a group of doctors, paramedics and nurses in Ukraine. They help people injured in act of Russian aggression in Ukraine, who require urgent life-saving surgery, hospitalization or continuation of treatment. The ambulance enables the ability of transport of infants who require an incubator. Thus, new patients will be able to go from Ukraine to Polish medical facilities, where they will be provided with hospitalization in safety.

We constantly need financial and material support. Now, we are collecting funds to buy a respirator dedicated for new born babies with e.g. heart disease.

The first ambulance purchased at the end of March 2022 by the Nienieodpowiedzialni Foundation saves the lives of children and adults who have been injured as a result of warfare in Ukraine.
The second ambulance purchased at the end of April 2022 by the Nienieodpowiedzialni Foundation. Now saves the lives of children and adults who have been injured as a result of warfare in Ukraine.

We are able to precisely and effectively manage any help we receive. We work with Ukrainian partners, thanks to whom we know what is needed and we are able to deliver it to the right place.

Money can be donated to the Foundation’s bank account:

Fundacja „Nienieodpowiedzialni”

ul. J.P. Dziekońskiego 1, 00-728 Warszawa

Title of the transfer: „Ukraina”

PLN: PL43105010121000009032149883

EUR: PL21105010121000009032149891

USD: PL54105010121000009081561970


We are also very grateful for material assistance. The most urgent needs as of today are:
– Food
: pasta, rice, groats, flour, oil, sugar, salt, oatmeal (instant), milk in cartons, canned meat, canned vegetables (peas, corn, beans, tomatoes, tomato sauces), coffee, tea , chocolate, energy bars, ready meals in cans or jars, powdered milk for children
Basic necessities: bar soap, washing gels, shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, tampons, wet wipes, diapers (various sizes).
Medical measures: gauze, bandages, haemostatics dressings, tactical tourniquets, Israeli-type dressings,
– Other: underwear for men and women (not used, various sizes), socks (various sizes), t-shirts in dark colors (various sizes), duvets, blankets, sleeping bags (not used)

For material assistance please contact Jolanta Grabowska: phone: +48 795 589 032, e-mail:


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